For Coaches, Healers, and Other Change Catalysts…

Who Have an
idea with potential
That’s not robust enough yet
to fund your life and venture

Deepen Your Roots

A Mentoring Group
to Guide You in
Transforming your Idea
into a Viable Business

Create a clear, grounded
foundation that
Strengthens Your Confidence
and Increases your Impact

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You may be in the process of:

  • Adding a new program, service, or offer

  • Shifting to a new clientele

  • Re-configuring your services

  • Creating a new body of work

  • Setting out on a new venture

  • Pioneering a new field

Most days you are very motivated to move forward, taking the steps you know you need to take to create your new work. 

Then there are the days you feel lost and confused about where to put your attention. You aren’t sure how to resolve what’s not working or whether you are making any discernible progress.

And then there are those days when you question whether it’s worth it, whether you are built for this work after all, or whether you should throw in the towel and turn your attention elsewhere.

Before you get so discouraged you are tempted to walk away, I invite you to learn more about the journey. Just knowing there’s a path to follow as you evolve your new work and where you are on that path can make a huge difference.

Evolving your work
within a community of other
Change Catalyst Entrepreneurs
who are walking the same path
 brings healing, inspiration, camaraderie,
clarity, aligned progress, and confidence.

I’ve Been in Your Shoes

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Since starting my business in 1991, I’ve evolved my work and business six distinct times.

Each evolution was sparked by different circumstances and opportunities.

Some evolutions have been more conscious and deliberate than others. Some more successful than others. Some were more fulfilling than others.

Through it all, the main threads of my work have remained the same. I’m still helping my clients:

  • Navigate significant transitions (evolving your work and your business definitely qualifies!)

  • Gain clarity about the core focus of their work (gaining clarity about the foundation of your new work, new business model, and new offers is at the heart of successfully transforming your work into a viable business.)

  • Discover and implement the essential steps to evolving their new work (Turning the seed of your idea with potential into a vibrant business through organic evolution.)

The clients I work with most frequently are Change Catalysts: professionals like coaches, healers, therapists, and spiritual directors who have a strong calling to bring their unique work to the world. They typically work with individual clients through one-on-one sessions, workshops, retreats, and online programs. I also enjoy working with trailblazers, those weaving their talents, passions, and experience into a unique offering in response to the changes in our world.

Throughout my business, I’ve demonstrated a knack for seeing trends in how we navigate our changing times. My sense is that the world needs all Change Catalysts to be at the top of our game…now!

I am honored to be in a place in my career where I can help you gain clarity about your vision and share what I’ve learned to shorten your path and accelerate your success as you bring your unique work into the world in the form of a viable business.

Here’s What I’ve Discovered Through Evolving my Own Work

My decades of personal and professional experience give me a very nuanced understanding of the journey you are on.

When we feel called to evolve our work, we typically set out on our own to figure out what we need to do to make the changes we envision. Our goal is to get our new work out in the world, preferably as soon as possible.

There are so many moving parts and unknowns that it is easy to get bogged down in the process.

We don’t know what to do and when to do it

Evolve Your Work Journey.jpg


We don’t know
how to develop our work



We don’t know what to do with emotions we feel



This jumbled set of tasks and questions derails us. We run into energy-draining detours and time-consuming delays that keep us from successfully sharing our new work with the world.

To create a viable business you must tend all three of these threads simultaneously.

Understanding These Three Threads
Will Help You Stay on Track

Thread #1: Your Perspective as You Make Your Journey

Evolving your work and business is a journey full of unknowns, with multiple decisions to make and numerous nuances to sort out.

forest-fog-no path - 931706_1920.jpg

Because the path is seemingly uncharted and you are most likely walking the path on your own, it’s likely you’ll hit points where it feels like you’re traveling through a fog bank or walking in a dark forest.

All of your worry, fears, and unknowns fill your head at times. I know the feelings that come up during the journey. I understand the fears you wrestle with and the issues you face.

How you navigate the internal and external bumps (and there will be bumps) will frame your experience and influence your success.  

Take a moment to consider how this dynamic impacts you, your work, and your journey right now:

  • How often do you slip into a downward spiral after hitting a bump?

  • How much time do you spend huddled at the low point, questioning your choices or berating yourself?

  • How do you gather yourself up and climb out of this emotion-soaked pit to get on with your business?

  • How does this process impact your self-esteem, your productivity, and your belief in your work?

  • What are the short- and long-term ramifications of this dynamic on moving your new work out to the world?

Please know you are not the only one who gets swamped by this dynamic. We all do this, and…

What if there is wisdom in your hesitation?
What if your body and intuition are spot on
 in their assessment of your next steps?

Learning how to listen for, hear,
and harvest these signs of wisdom
is an essential skill
while Evolving Your Work.

Thread #2: Your Decisions about the Content of Your Work

If you are in the process of bringing your new work into form, it’s likely you are facing a variety of decisions and nuances that can be difficult to sort out in the early, unformed phases. So many unknowns; so many choices. You may vacillate between too many ideas or too few. Your ideas may fade in and fade out of focus as you attempt to find the thread that connects them all.


No matter what your experience, it’s likely you are wrestling with questions like these:

  • What do I call my new work?

  • How can I describe my work?

  • What form will my work take?

  • What will my business model look like?

  • What will my offers be?

  • What will my pricing be?

You are passionate about this new work, but try as you might, you don’t seem to be making much progress. You aren’t sure where to focus or what to change. It can be a crazy-making feeling!

How might your experience be different if:

  • You understood that there is an order to follow as you transform your idea into a viable business?

  • You knew how to listen to your work in a way that creates an intimate relationship with the heart of your new work?

  • You knew how to use the gaps and soft spots in your vision to awaken new insights that enrich and strengthen your work and your business?

  • You had an experienced guide walk you through the process of creating new services, materials, and offers?

Over the years I’ve written five books, developed several unique bodies of work, and created a number of eBooks, online programs, and training programs. Along the way I’ve gathered a number of skills, strategies, and tactics that I share within the Deepen Your Roots Mentoring Group to help you move from a blank page or screen to the finished product, melting creativity blocks along the way.

Thread #3: Your Journey to Evolve Your Work

When my clients come to me they don’t really have a clear sense of the steps to take to evolve their work. They spend quite a bit of time wondering:

  • How do I navigate all the phases I need to work through?

  • How do I prioritize my focus and actions?

  • How do I make the right decisions?

  • How do I get back on track when I feel stuck or stalled?

Sometimes they spend more time figuring out their next step than working on their new work.

What if the path you’ve Been Trying
to Follow is the wrong path?

How might your understanding of
your journey change if I told you that
the journey to “Evolve Your Work”
is quite different from the journey
to “Build Your Existing Business”?

Discovering this insight became the guiding truth
that launched my work to support
my clients in evolving their work.

Believing that these two journeys
are the same has been a core source of
struggle for those who become my clients.


Where Do You Feel Fuzzy?

If you are fuzzy about
any or all of these Three Threads
– Your Journey, Your Content, Your Perspective –
the Deepening Your Roots
Mentoring Group
will be ideal for you.

Untangling this dynamic within the
Deepening Your Roots Mentoring Group
frees us all up to be more creative,
confident, and aligned with our own work.

Why Gather as a Group
to Evolve Our Work?

You’ve been wandering in the wilderness, not sure where you are or where you are headed. The path you’ve been following doesn’t appear to be taking you anywhere. 


Then off in the distance, you see a warm glow. As you come closer you discover a welcoming mountain cabin. Depending on the season, you may discover a warm, cozy fire or fresh flowers and the windows thrown open for fresh air.

As soon as you walk in, you are invited to pull up an armchair or a find a big pillow on the floor. Nestle in. Join one of the conversations in the main gathering room or in the sitting room down the hall. Or if it’s warm enough, move out into the natural gardens to enjoy the inspiring views and discover the network of paths with signs and guideposts.

When you are ready to explore, wander through the halls to find a nook that feels soothing, creative, and inspiring to you. You are welcome to design it just the way you want. Visit any time you like to recharge, meditate, write, create, plan, or dream.

Coming together as a group brings many benefits.

Knowing you are no longer
alone in your journey

Just knowing you are on this journey with others brings a sense of relief and hope.

You will have plenty of opportunities to share ideas, ask for brainstorming or feedback, and partner with each other to talk about your work. You might even meet kindred spirits who are aligned in some way with the work you do.

The Deepening Your Roots Mentoring Group meets in a private group on a dedicated, virtual platform without distractions.

  • There are spaces for sharing, learning, co-creating, asking new questions, sparking new ideas, skill-building, harvesting your wisdom, discovering tips and strategies, and expanding how you see yourself, your work, and your business.

  • For group meetings we gather together via Zoom. All events are recorded if you can’t make the event or you want to listen again. You may join these events via computer or phone.

  • We’ll also create ways for you to partner with others if that’s what you desire. Sometimes sharing your ideas with someone else is the ideal way to gain new insights, refine your ideas, and see elements of your work that you have never considered before.

tapping into the group as a
container for your creative work

Up until now you’ve been investing a lot of time and energy in finding your own way forward. It’s been up to you to set your plan and figure out your path.

Within the Deepening Your Roots Mentoring Group, you’ll find several gentle structures and opportunities created to hold space for you as you develop your work. You can relax into the journey knowing that you are supported and guided each step of the way.

You’ll find new ways to create windows of time and space for developing your work.

  • Visit the appropriate topic areas to take in inspiring and engaging posts.

  • Attend planned community events on Zoom that always include time to work on your new work, business model, and offers.

  • Review the maps and worksheets when you want new insights about your next steps.

Whether you work best on your own or you prefer to gather with others to boost your creativity and insights, you’ll find opportunities to approach your work with new catalyst questions, newly learned skills, and an array of guiding maps and milestones.



We all work together to create a safe, honoring space for creativity, personal evolution, and the evolution of our work

  • The creative process and your idea have their own development timeline. You will not be rushed, hurried or diminished in any way based on how your journey is unfolding.

  • We all commit to a culture of confidentiality, heart-felt witnessing, and honoring and respecting others’ ideas and intellectual property.

  • Guidelines for the community are clearly posted and updated as warranted as our community grows and evolves.

Are You Ready to Deepen Your Roots?

Your Clarity about the Core Focus of Your Work
Defines the Starting Point of Your Journey

Your clarity about the core focus of your work or your idea with potential determines where you are on your journey and whether this group will be a good fit for you.

1) If you only have a collection of loosely connected themes for your focus, you aren’t clear enough to deepen the roots of your new work.

Concentrate on gaining clarity about your core focus first.
The Reveal the Seeds of Your New Work is your best starting point.

As soon as you’ve identified your idea(s) with potential,
you’ll be ready to join the Deepen Your Roots Mentoring Group.


2) If you have an idea with potential that you are excited about, it’s likely you have a smattering of clarity about some elements of your vision while other elements are in the process of becoming clearer. Your idea still feels a bit soft; you can’t really build upon it because it doesn’t feel solid enough. You may feel hesitant, worried, or anxious about how to move forward. You are in the perfect place in your development to participate in the Deepening Your Roots Mentoring Group.

3) If you are clear about your idea, you know your niche, whom you want to work with, what you do, and the benefits your clients will receive, but you are still deepening your work, your offers, and your business model, then you’ll feel right at home in the Deepening Your Roots Mentoring Group.

4) If you are clear about your business model, your offers, your pricing and you feel confident about your work, then you are ready to move into preparing your marketing presence and your marketing strategies. (If you would like a referral to my colleagues who specialize in this work, reach out to me.)

As you gain more clarity about each element of your new work and business, and you layer in more and more clarity, your new insights will ripple through your vision. You’ll be able to refine details you thought were already firmed up and spot new ideas for your next steps in the journey.


How Does the Deepen Your Roots
Mentoring Group Work?

The structure, resources, and support built into the Deepen Your Roots Mentoring Group, are designed and implemented to support you in strengthening your experience of each of these threads.

  • Your Journey: Understanding the journey to evolve your work

  • Your Content: Boosting what you know about developing your new work, business model, and offers, while making progress on enhancing, creating, and refining your work.

  • Your Perspective: Discovering and integrating new ways to harvest the wisdom of your experiences.

In the next three sections I describe how your journey will improve when you know more about these three topics and what’s included in the program to help you transform your idea with potential into a viable business.

Your Journey: Finding Your Way Forward

If you’ve made it this far, you know you feel called to evolve you work,
but you may be spending an inordinate amount of time
figuring out how to get where you want to go.

This is a costly way to make progress.

When you are rooted in the wisdom
of the Evolve Your Work Journey, you’ll:

The Journey to Evolve Your Work

The Journey to Evolve Your Work

  • Understand how to turn your idea with potential into a viable business (without using the Build Your Business Path or the Solo Off-Road Wilderness Path).

  • Know how to use the milestones on the map to guide your way forward. With this information you’ll avoid getting lost, derailing, losing faith, or abandoning your work.

  • Save money. When you know more about the journey, you won’t invest in training or coaching prematurely. You’ll invest when you are ready for the support you know you need next.

  • Save time. When you try to implement out of order, you lose momentum and your return on investment nose-dives. Then, in frustration, you spend too much time wondering whether you should just give up. Instead, focusing on taking the best steps in the right order means you know what to do and when to do it.

  • Reduce the mental and emotional anguish you feel. Avoid the pain and frustration of confusion, overwhelm and worry.

  • Know where you stand with your foundation. At any given time, you’ll know where to focus your attention to make the most progress and receive the most insights.

What’s included in the Program to help you navigate the journey with more ease and clarity

In addition to the tips, strategies, and guidance I post in the community to give you inspirational boosts and tactical ideas about the steps involved in evolving your work, we also have several ongoing structures to keep you moving forward:

  • We have a check-in space where we each set a focus for the week and return at the end of the week to celebrate our wins and find wisdom in anything that didn’t unfold as planned. It’s inspiring for all of us to watch our momentum grow!

  • You can visit the course materials any time to see the big picture and create a deep understanding of the framework for evolving your work. Here you’ll find maps of your journey, understand the best order of activities, and answer questions that help you discern where you are in the process.

  • Each month we gather on Zoom to help you sort out where you are in your journey.

a.  Clarify Your Foundation – I offer this event as an orientation for new members and a check-in for existing members. The more you know about where you are, the easier it will be to focus on the right tasks to clarify and develop your new work.

b.  Periodic Zoom workshops and discussions, based on topics that are alive in the group interactions.

Your Content: Making Decisions about Your Work

You know it’s time to develop your new body of work, new business model,
and new offers, but you have no idea how to do that.

Without having a clear sense of the steps you need to take,
you can waste a significant amount of time.

When you are rooted in the
content of your new work, you:

  • Create clarity proactively rather than passively waiting for it to arrive.

  • Evolve your work with a sense of unfolding discovery rather than a forced push to hit a big-stretch goal.

  • Gather feedback about your concepts and offers early and often — before you go live in a big way.

  • Generate income as soon as possible through exploratory offers, experiments, and beta offerings while avoiding the crash and burn experience associated with prematurely launching new, untested offers.

  • Have deep confidence in yourself, your work, and the results you can create for your clients.

  • Have a clear knowing that you are doing the work you are meant to be doing, feeling fulfilled and satisfied by making a difference with your work.

  • Build a more solid understanding of your work and how it impacts clients so that you can strengthen and deepen your marketing messages and materials. With a marketing presence that aligns with your work, you’ll experience a more effective rollout of your new work.

What’s included in the Program to help you Evolve Your New Work with more ease and clarity

Evolving a new body of work is far more complex than creating a x-step program or slapping an eBook together. To create a deep work that fulfills you and your clients requires that you create and nurture a deeply intimate relationship with the work you do with clients.

Your clarity and deep knowing about your work will appear in layers, one after the other. When you follow the order illustrated in the Evolve Your Work Map, you’ll experience the most organic growth.

That’s not to say that the process is linear. It is not! Instead it’s a corkscrew spiral that allows you to revisit and refine every layer of your work as you gain more and more clarity.

The Deepen Your Roots Mentoring Group has several ongoing structures to keep you moving forward:

  • To stay focused on the tasks that will create the most momentum, refer to the Worksheets that lay out the key points of clairty associated with each phase of your journey.

    • You and Your Style

    • Your Idea / Core Focus

    • Your Body of Work

    • Your Business Model

    • Your Offers

    • Your Presence

    • Your Strategies to Share Your Work with the World and Grow

  • Visit the discussion area for each worksheet to ask questions to clarify the elements that make up that phase of your journey. You are also invited to share new insights, ask for feedback from the group on something you’ve uncovered or created. I’ll be there as well to provide feedback, ask questions, and point you in the right direction.

  • Each month we’ll have several Experiential Zoom Events to give you a container of time and space to focus on developing your new work with the support of questions, guidance, and skill-building activities. A few examples:

Deepening Sessions – A 2 to 3 hour Zoom community call one or two times a month to dive into a key aspect of evolving your work. I offer some guidance on the session’s topic and purpose and provide periodic prompts that you can use to spark your own thinking and development. Each call includes opportunities to share your experience, gather ideas and feedback, and claim your results.

Experiment Challenge – Each month I provide the container for each of us to run a small, easy-to-create experiment. These 45-minute calls will be on Mondays at 10:30 am Pacific (and recorded). In each step I’ll provide guidance, coaching support, and insights as well as facilitate group discussions to help us all deepen what we know about experimenting and exploring to evolve our work.

o Week 1: Identify and frame your experiment

o   Week 2: Plan your experiment

o   Week 3: Do your experiment

o   Week 4: Gather feedback and refine your work


Your Perspective: Harvesting Your Wisdom

When you hit bumps in your journey, it is easy to get thrown off course.

How do you glean the wisdom and insights from those experiences?

Without a way to get back on track,
you will get derailed and lose your momentum.

When you are rooted in your capacity to
spot wisdom in your experiences, you will:

  • Heal old patterns that have sabotaged your progress in the past.

  • Save the time, energy, and emotions that you’ve expended in the past whenever you’ve followed that downward spiral and had to climb back out again and again and again!

  • Connect with your own nuanced signals and signs to such a degree that you’ll be able to use them to create a deeply intimate relationship with your work.

  • Awaken new levels of your creativity and learn how to evolve your work organically at every step of your journey. 

  • Stay on track more of the time. Without the detours, you’ll go deeper in developing your work and make more progress, more quickly.

  • Build a sense of confidence in yourself, your work, and your offers that won’t erode when you hit a bump on your journey.

What’s included in the Program To help you Harvest the Wisdom of Your Journey with more ease and clarity

When something doesn’t go as planned, it’s easy to get derailed. Based on my own experience and my work with clients, I’ve created a list of 30 emotions and scenarios that have the potential to send us spiraling into self-doubt, self-blame, and struggle.

  • Each week we focus on a specific scenario or emotion that has the potential to take us off course. Think: Confusion, Overwhelm, Procrastination, Anxiety, Perfection, etc.

  • As a community we use stories, specific strategies, and five simple prompts to explore our relationship with the week’s focus and discover actions we can take to turn a trigger emotion into wisdom:

o   Have you experienced this trigger recently?

o   How has this trigger appeared in your life and work in the past?

o   Where can you find wisdom in the situation?

o   How will you spot it earlier next time?

o   What have you discovered during the week?

  • Then we tap into the community wisdom to learn from each other. It’s amazing to watch how these simple prompts and stories about the theme inspire insights and discoveries for each member of the community.

How to Join the Deepen Your Roots Mentoring Group

In Summary, Your Membership Includes:

  • Full access to the online community for tips, strategies, and tactics, conversations, content guides, and more. The community will convene in a private, dedicated online community space.

  • Several experiential events each month via Zoom to work on your current development projects. All events are recorded so you’ll be able to participate even if the live event time doesn’t work for you.

  • Discounts on several personal mentoring options including written reviews via email, mentoring sessions of different lengths, and collaborative deepening retreats. You choose when you want additional support.

To get the best results, I recommend a six-month commitment
in the Deepening Your Roots Mentoring Group.

Before You Join, Let's Verify that the
Deepen Your Roots Mentoring Group
is a Good Fit for You and Your Needs

In our initial phone conversation you'll share what's happening (or not) in your business, and I will give you a sense of my background. Then we'll talk in more depth to verify that the Deepen Your Roots Mentoring Group is a good fit for you. Throughout the conversation we'll have the opportunity to see how we connect.

To get started, complete the form below to request the pre-conversation questionnaire you’ll complete to tell me about yourself, your work, and your business. As soon as I receive your request, I’ll send you an email with a link to the questionnaire. 

Name *

My Promise To You

  • I want you to succeed! If the Deepen Your Roots Group is not a good fit for you, I’ll share other services that would be a better fit or introduce you to a colleague who may be able to support you.

  • After our conversation you'll have the time you need to make the right decision for you. I do not use pressure tactics; that kind of an environment is not helpful to either one of us.

  • If you have questions after we've spoken, I'm happy to have an email exchange or another phone conversation to get you the information you need to make a good decision for yourself and your business.