As I started thinking about Change Catalysts
and our role in these times of change, I asked myself:

What might Change Catalysts
receive and experience by
being in community together?

I'm envisioning Change Catalysts from a variety of professions coming together to connect around supporting our clients in transition while celebrating the different ways we do our work.

I hope to stretch our thinking and expand the frameworks we use in our work with clients.  Are you willing to be inspired by new ideas from the edge of mainstream into deep space?

I want to create an environment that includes opportunities for our own deep self-care. How can we do our best work when we aren't at our best? 

I intend to create a community space where we learn from each other, share our gifts and insights, and have the opportunity to find colleagues who ignite our creativity and pollinate our best ideas to make them even better.

I know that stepping into a bigger vision for your business — whether you are growing your existing business or feeling called to take your business in a new direction — feels more spacious when you are part of a supportive, compassionate community of colleagues.

With all the changes unfolding in our world,

I believe Change Catalysts are
wiser and Stronger together.

I believe we'll Each Have More Impact
when we Gather together
to Expand How We Think about Change.

Change Catalysts at the Growing Edge Network will:

  • Boost us personally

  • Develop us professionally

  • Enhance our work with clients

  • Strengthen our existing businesses

  • Prepare us to step into the next chapter of our work when the time is right.

Would you Like You Join Us?

Click to Join the Change Catalysts at the Growing Edge Network!

Members of the Network will be invited to
participate in free Live Zoom Events as well.

~~ ~~ ~~

As our community grows, we'll explore the option of
adding a private community space off of Facebook as well.

When we are ready to set up that phase of the community,
I'll reach out for your input.