In a world fraught with increasing change,
your work as a Change Catalyst is
valuable beyond measure.


The Nature of Change

When I first started studying personal and professional transitions in the late 1980s I read a book that recommended we should only navigate one change at a time.

At the time I thought it was laughable. Now, it's just plain absurd!

Not only is change one of life’s constants, but the pace, scope, intensity, and number of changes we navigate has grown exponentially.

In addition to navigating life's inevitable ups and downs, which can be challenging enough, we are now constantly bombarded with news of events and instabilities happening in multiple places around the world, throughout the country, and in our local area. The unsettling nature of these events means we are navigating life with a constant backdrop of more uncertainty than ever before. 

Our Clients Don't Have a User’s Guide for Life Changes

Although clients have access to user’s guides for a whole range of human experiences, nothing shows them how to navigate the changes they face in their personal and professional lives, nor how to respond to far-reaching regional, national, and global events.

Without guidance most people make their own way forward as best they can by:

  • Ignoring the event
  • Going numb
  • Glossing over the change until it can no longer be avoided
  • Taking action to stay in motion
  • Fighting the change
  • Muddling through, doing the best they know how to do
  • Diving into a deep abyss that can take years to recover from

Though they may gain insights and develop transition skills on their own, it's also likely they'll encounter unnecessary, time-consuming, energy-draining detours. Over time as unresolved shifts pile up, they may also be re-triggered by recurring circumstances and poignant anniversaries of unhealed events.

With the Increasing pace
and intensity of change,

this Passive way of navigating transitions is
not sustainable for individuals,
families, nor communities

Now or into the Future.

As Change Catalysts We Are on the Front Lines of Change

We help clients find their way through emotionally intense times, avoiding difficult detours and delays, reconnecting with their joy, and using the changes in their lives to create more of what they want.

As a Change Catalyst you already know how fulfilling it is to help your clients thrive during times of change.

But Are You Doing the Work
You Are Meant to Do?

What Do You Need To Be
Effective, Fulfilled, and Supported
in Your Work as a Change Catalyst?

To Help You Flourish I Provide:

Helping Change Catalysts Gain Clarity about
the Core Focus
of Their Work

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Providing Change Catalysts with Transition and Purpose Training

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Guiding Change Catalysts to
Find Wholeness During Times
of Transition

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about Deepening Retreats

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