Inspiration for Change Catalysts

As a Change Catalyst you give a lot in your marketing, with your networking efforts, with your clients. And that's just within your business! It's likely you are also giving a lot within your personal life as well.

When your well is running dry, when you are talked out, when you are worn out, it is important to have sources of inspiration to help you shift your energy back to you and your amazing work!

Review the email options below to discover what feels inspiring and engaging to you. Use the check boxes to indicate your choices.

How Do You Want to Be Inspired?

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We send out three periodic emails for Change Catalysts. Please let us know which ones you'd like to receive.

1) A few times a month, I send out Inspiration for Change Catalysts in the form of stories and other uplifting forms. I listen to what's happening around me and write when inspired.

2) Eight times a year, I Celebrate the Change of Season by sharing a metaphor or bit of nature's wisdom. This is a wonderful way to strengthen your connection with the seasons and the natural world.

3) As we establish our calendar for each training season, we send out Training Calendar Updates to let you know what training opportunities are available in the near future.

We handle your information consistent with the information set out in our Privacy Policy.*

I definitely want to receive Training Calendar Updates for Change Catalysts.
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