If You Are Still Searching for The
Core Focus of Your New Work

Reveal the Seeds of Your New Work

If you've been searching for your core business idea for a while now, you know the answer you are looking for can be elusive. You have asked yourself the same questions for so long you can't see any new angles to pursue. As a result you can't surface any new insights about the heart of what you do. Talk about frustrating!

One way to discover new answers is to respond to new questions. Being asked a new question breaks you out of the rote answers you've been feeding yourself. This is a good start to identifying the focus of your new work, but it really doesn't take you far enough to reach the deep clarity you are craving.

The very best way to get to new answers is to shift your perspective first and then respond to new questions. When you pivot to a new perspective, releasing "who-you-have-been" and leaning into "who-you-are-becoming," you see the world and your situation through a completely new lens. Responding to questions from this new place, you come up with answers you have never thought to think before!

Discovering Your Focus


Ironically, you already know your focus…but it is such a part of you that you don’t see it as a separate thing. It’s just you. It is what you do, naturally and effortlessly. It’s what you love to do, what brings you alive, and what reflects your unique talents and experience. 

But you can't see this part of yourself. 

You are too close to the work you naturally do.

These seeds are so deep within you, it’s difficult for you to find them unaided.

Using my time-tested prompts, you will access a number of clues about the focus of your new work. The clues you uncover will guide us to discover the constellation of themes and ideas that have potential for growth and fulfillment for you, your clients, your work, and your business.

As we uncover patterns, trends, and connections we'll discover the mix of seeds that feel aligned with your deep nature, your interests, and your experience.

Your Pivot to Deep Clarity


When you identify this constellation of ideas you'll experience a pivot from searching for your idea to knowing you have the first seeds of your core business focus. The minute you realize you've made this pivot, you will experience a shift within.

Gone will be the angst, the confusion, the push to figure it out already! You won't have to wonder "Is this it?" anymore.

Instead you'll feel the excitement and joy of knowing you are on the first steps of your new journey. You'll feel drawn forward. You'll feel the momentum of curiosity and discovery. It will feel like a breath of fresh air compared to the dark days you've spent searching!

Finding the core idea of your new work brings with it a sigh of relief, a knowing that you have crossed a threshold into a new realm.

You will KNOW in the deepest recesses of
your mind, heart, and soul that
you are ONTO something!

You will move forward
with more confidence and hope
than you’ve felt in a while.

Reveal the Seeds of Your New Work Program


During this program you gather clues from your life, business, and training that reflect what engages and intrigues you most. Answering my specific series of prompts, you'll move from gathering clues to pulling together a set of seed ideas that excite you most. Although you won't know exactly what these seeds will grow into, you will get the first glimmers of your new work.

We'll begin with a 60-minute coaching session to initiate your pivot from "who-you-have-been" to "who-you-are-becoming," opening you to seeing new insights about yourself, your clients, your work, and your business.

You'll receive a series of reflective assignments that each take approximately 30 minutes to complete. In the 25 years of doing this work, I've found these written responses help deepen your understanding of yourself and surface themes that have already been playing out in your life and work.

As I read your responses I'll offer suggestions, ask additional questions, and offer encouragement as I begin to deepen what I know about you and your vision of your new work. Think of this as a conversation that brings us both in touch with insights, clarity, and a host of clues about your future work.

Week 1: Laying the Groundwork - This is all about discovering what you DO know about yourself and your new focus. Each assignment during the week taps into a different component of this question.

Week 2: Gathering Clues - Here you focus on gathering clues about the skills, processes, and interests that engage you most. Each assignment leads you down a different path to gather these clues. You have no decisions to make, just open-hearted exploration to uncover the gems you bring to your work. By the end of the week you have a list of 50 clues that best reflect the essence of what you love to do.

Week 3: Brainstorming New Ideas - Using a right-brained brainstorming technique and your list of 50 clues, you generate up to 40 creative ideas about your new work. This fun, lighthearted popcorn-style brainstorming system helps you generate a variety of interesting ideas quickly and easily.

Week 4: Synthesizing Your Ideas - You'll begin the week answering two more written assignments to prepare for our synthesizing conversation.

A Note about Pacing: If you respond to one assignment each weekday, you'll complete the series of assignments in just over three weeks. If you work on three assignments a week, you'll finish in just over five weeks. The pace is up to you.

After you complete the reflective assignments we'll have a 90 minute synthesizing session to review the clues you've gathered. Then we'll explore different ways to weave your themes together to find the combinations that are most promising to you.

We'll complete this program with a 45-minute check-in call the following week to review the refinements you've made after our synthesizing session and to talk about your next steps.

In summary, the Reveal the Seeds of Your New work program includes:

  • One 60-minute coaching session to initiate your pivot from "who-you-have-been" to "who-you-are-becoming," opening you to seeing new insights about yourself, your clients, your work, and your business.

  • A series of reflective assignments you'll respond to via email. These questions give you new insights and help me get to know your deep nature, your interests, and the core focus of your new work.

  • My encouragement, additional clarifying questions, and guidance in response to your emailed answers.

  • One 90-minute one-on-one synthesizing session to help you take your insights deeper and weave your ideas in new ways to reveal the most promising seeds of your new work.

  • One 45-minute check-in call the following week to review the refinements you've made after our synthesizing conversation and to talk about your next steps.

  • Investment of $629.00.

Before You Start, Let's Verify that the
Reveal the Seeds of Your New Work Program
is a Good Fit for You and Your Needs

In our initial phone conversation you'll share what's happening (or not) in your business, and I will give you a sense of my background. Then we'll talk in more depth to verify that the Reveal the Seeds of Your New Work Program is a good fit for you. Throughout the conversation we'll have the opportunity to see how we connect.

To get started, complete the form below to request the pre-conversation questionnaire you’ll complete to tell me about yourself, your work, and your business. As soon as I receive your request, I’ll send you an email with a link to the questionnaire. 

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My Promise To You

  • I want you to succeed! If the Reveal the Seeds of Your New Work is not a good fit for you, I’ll share other services that would be a better fit or introduce you to a colleague who may be able to support you.

  • After our conversation you'll have the time you need to make the right decision for you. I do not use pressure tactics; that kind of an environment is not helpful to either one of us.

  • If you have questions after we've spoken, I'm happy to have an email exchange or another phone conversation to get you the information you need to make a good decision for yourself and your business.