Change Catalysts: Taking Your Work in a New Direction?

Clarity Changes Everything!

until you have deep clarity about what you do,
You can’t bring your new work into the world

Find out How Clear Are You

Take the Questionnaire and Join Carol for a Free Phone Session to explore your clarity patterns and discover strategies to boost your clarity


Birthing a new program, a new body of work, or a new venture involves making a series of nuanced decisions. It’s not just finding an idea and marketing it. It’s creating a deep, intimate relationship with the core focus of your work and then working with that idea to find the form that will bring you and your clients the best results.

If you are feeling confused about your idea, what steps to take, or where you are stuck, please know that this is a natural part of a process that is inherently full with unknowns and question marks.

The key to succeeding comes in how you sort through your confusion and come out the other side with clarity about your idea, what to do next, and how to get beyond the blocks.

I have been helping clients gain clarity about their new work for more than two decades. As a result I have a very nuanced understanding of clarity and what it takes to birth your new work in the world. (You can read more about my background below.)

Your Very First Step: Get Clear About Where You Are Right Now

I’ve created a simple, yet detailed How Clear Are You? Questionnaire to help you gain a deeper understanding of why you are struggling to make decisions about the focus of your work and where you are in your journey to evolve your work.

Given the nuanced nature of the journey, the most effective way to interpret your responses is to come together in a 30-minute phone conversation to explore your pattern of responses.

Part 1: Your relationship with your idea plays a Crucial role in your success

  • When you are in sync with your idea, your insights flow with ease.

  • When you feel blocked, you get derailed and have a difficult time making any progress. Releasing any pent up angst or confusion is essential.

  • Your responses to Part 1 of the How Clear Are You Questionnaire show us how your blocks are manifesting.
    In our conversation, I’ll share a few strategies to help you shift this dynamic.

Part 2: No matter where you are on your quest, your clarity status gives you invaluable insights about Your Journey

  • Find out whether you are:

    • Still searching for your new idea

    • Ready to develop your idea with potential

    • Well-positioned to start sharing your work with the world

  • Your responses to Part 2 of the How Clear Are You Questionnaire show us where you are in your journey.
    In our conversation, I’ll point out which milestones will help you resolve your current clarity gaps.

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC Catalyst for Change Catalysts

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC
Catalyst for Change Catalysts

Who Am I?

My passion is helping Change Catalysts flourish personally, professionally, and financially.

One of the ways I do this is by helping Change Catalysts gain clarity about the focus of the work they are called to do.

Over two decades as a Career Clarity Coach has given me a very nuanced understanding of what blocks clarity and what it takes to gain clarity.

Once Change Catalysts have an idea with potential, I help them develop that idea into a viable business vision through mentoring and collaboration.

I look forward to talking with you to help you understand your own degree of clarity and your next steps.

5 Ways Knowing Your Clarity Status will
Enhance Your Journey

  1. When you know where you are, you’ll know where to focus your time, energy, resources, and attention.

  2. You won’t be tempted to take classes or programs you aren’t ready for, thereby avoiding costly, time-consuming, energy-draining detours.

  3. You will know when you are making progress and when you need to adjust your strategy to enhance your results.

  4. Evolving your new work, layer by layer, will create a grounded foundation that will support the growth of your new business.

  5. As you move through your journey you will gain experience, see the impact your work has, and build your confidence before you share your work with the world.