On the Growing Edge…
of Your Personal Journey

Although times of great change are unsettling, we have to remember that one of our most powerful resources is ourselves. Being awake and aware allows us to be resilient, resourceful, and nimble, whether situations change over time or in an instant.

The more we understand about ourselves, our style, and our way of processing change, the more gracefully we will navigate our own transitions and be available to our clients as they navigate theirs.

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Coming Back to Your Center

With all that’s happening in our personal lives, our communities, in other regions, and the world at large, it can feel overwhelmingly stressful to make sense of it all. When you are sensitive, intuitive and empathic — as many Change Catalysts are — you can get thrown off kilter quite easily at times.

When it all gets to be too much, there’s a temptation to shut it all out and shut down.

And yet, to do our best work, we must be open to cues about the times, our clients’ state, and our own state. The best way to be at our best is to lean into personal practices that keep us grounded, centered, and perceptive.

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Navigating Times of Change

Coming to terms with our own personal transitions is essential for our own well being and our clients’. Discovering a new way to think about our own transitions brings insight, discovery, and direction.

As we process changes in our own lives, our deep dives bring new layers of compassion, new insights about the work we are here to do, and opportunities to model new perspectives, skills, and outcomes for those around us.

Transition Books by
Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC


Discovering Your Personal Style

Society is a rich mixture of nine distinct kinds of people, each of which has amazing natural talents, and potentially devastating traps when those talents are misused. The enneagram shape is an accurate map of those distinct styles. As we navigate times of change it is important to recognize our own personal way of being, as well as our clients', which may be quite different from our own.

For more than 25 years my colleague, Nick Turner, CET, has shared deep insights into the enneagram through retreats, workshops, group talks, and private sessions.

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Deepen Your Healing

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