Find the Wisdom in Your Procrastination

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Evolving your work and running your business is a journey full of unknowns, with multiple decisions to make and numerous nuances to sort out.

In our attempts to move forward we may struggle with confusion, overwhelm, perfection, anxiety, hesitation, and the list goes on.

There’s one pattern that’s particularly potent in its ability to send us spiraling into self-blame and self-doubt: Procrastination!

You know it well — that gnawing feeling of postponing, delaying, and avoiding the very tasks you think you should do.

We procrastinate for a variety of reasons — from not knowing how to do something to feeling bored, from not knowing where to start to feeling annoyed that the task is on your to do list at all!

Take a Moment to Consider…

What happens when you and your business get derailed by procrastination?

  • How often does procrastination send you into a downward spiral emotionally and mentally?

  • How much time do you spend questioning your choices or berating yourself?

  • How much energy does it take to gather yourself up and get on with your business?

  • How does this process impact your self-esteem, your productivity, and your belief in your work?

  • What are the short- and long-term ramifications of this dynamic on moving your new work out to the world?

Now Consider This:

What if there is wisdom
in your procrastination?

What if your hesitation
to act is spot on?

Redesign Your Relationship
With Procrastination In
This FREE Email Series

After taking a look at how and where procrastination has shown up in your world, you’ll discover a few questions and strategies that will immediately shift how you interact with your procrastination.

Any time you feel procrastination sneaking back in you’ll know exactly what to do to stop it in its tracks!

Here’s An Excerpt:

How I Shifted My Relationship with Procrastination

Early on in my business I danced with procrastination. Often.

Scary projects, proposals, taxes, bookkeeping, and marketing seemed to be my biggest triggers.

I'd end up pushing my deadlines, moving into a place of push and force, and avoiding the tasks that weren't my cup of tea. In all cases, the operative energy was "should."

At the time I was working with clients in transition. Many of them danced with procrastination as well. As I worked with them to help them get to the core of their delay tactics, I noticed something that changed their relationship with procrastination and my own.