Introducing Our Deep Nature Retreats in Northwest Oregon
for Coaches, Healers and Other Change Catalysts

Are You Finding Your Way Through
a Personal Transition?

Or Searching for a Deeper
Connection with Yourself?

Consider gifting yourself with one of our private Deep Nature Retreats.

Why a Retreat? A retreat format is a very effective way to connect with your Deep Nature.

Being away from your daily life, closer to nature, and having time to return to your natural ways gives you new access to the way you are when you are free to be yourself.

Having a deeper sense of yourself and your situation will allow you to see new opportunities, have more confidence, and new ideas about your next steps.

Do you resonate with any of the following topics or a blend of these topics?

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Navigating Change in Uncertain Times

If you are trying to make sense of how to move forward while in the midst of one or more life transitions.

Prepare for Your New Chapter

If you are on the verge of starting a new chapter in your life, excited about what's ahead, but not able to shake the feeling that something isn't quite right.

Enneagram Discovery:
Claim Your Deep Nature

If you are interested in tapping into the wisdom of the Enneagram to discover the way you are when you are free to be yourself.


Nature Immersion Experience

If you long to have a more intimate connection with the natural world.


Our Location: Willowspring


No matter what retreat you choose, you'll stay in our private guest room with en suite bath and have access to our great room and kitchen. You'll also have ample opportunities to take in the beauty of Northwest Oregon, bringing restoration, insight, and inspiration.  Here's how a few of our guests have described their experience staying at Willowspring, our name for the property.

“This place is a hidden gem of the Willamette Valley. The countryside around here is beautiful and idyllic.”
— JP
“You live in paradise!”
— Rebecca
“It is a true retreat from the “hustle and bustle.” The first place I had been to in quite some time where I could actually get away from the mechanical sounds of civilization, like cars, airplanes and the like. Surrounded by the natural world while still having every imaginable comfort of home, was delightful.”
— Robin
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Your Retreat Guides

Carol's Personal Journey of Discovery

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About two months after my father died, while I sat at a stop light I noticed that a tree that had been bare in December was now blossoming. I heard myself say, I hope I blossom again some day. In my darkest days of grief, I turned to nature to learn how it changed naturally and gracefully in response to the change of seasons.

When I started working with clients, I shared these nature metaphors to help them understand and navigate change whether they were creating the life they wanted, making sense of a difficult transition, or surfing the waves of change we face each day in our world.
— Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, Board Certified Coach, Author of The Seasons of Change

Nick's Personal Journey of Discovery

Nick Turner.jpg
As a child and into my mid-twenties I found the human race to be incredibly confusing. At the beginning of a three-decade career in software design I had largely given up on understanding people. I turned to science, technology, and the natural world, gaining deep understanding in those fields.

In the 1980s I encountered a mystical symbol called the enneagram, with deep, ancient roots. In one of its applications it models human personality — and I finally found a key to understanding people. It was the most profound psychological insight of my life. I became a Certified Enneagram Teacher in 1992 and continue working with people today, using the enneagram and other tools to help clients connect with their deep nature.
— Nick Turner, Certified Enneagram Teacher

To do your best work as a Change Catalyst
it's essential to be at your best.

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