On the Growing Edge…
of Your Work

As our world changes, we grow and the needs of our clients shift. When this happens it’s time to evolve our work to better meet the times and fulfill our desire to contribute to our clients and our communities.

Evolving your new work requires a different journey than building your existing business. You need different skills, different goals, and different phases. Understanding this arc gives you a map to follow as you evolve your work, whether you are:

  • Adding a new program

  • Re-configuring your offerings

  • Creating a new body of work

  • Starting a new venture

  • Pioneering a new field

To do this work, Carol combines her extensive experience helping clients gain clarity about their career focus, guiding them as they navigate significant transitions, creating numerous programs, coaching models, training courses, and published books, and evolving her own business five times since 1991.

The Journey to Evolve Your Work

If you feel called to evolve your work, you’ll move through three distinct phases of development.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with these three phases. It’s possible you’ll have an intuitive sense of which phase you are in right now.

If you aren’t sure where you are on your journey, scroll to the end of this page to discover your first step.


If you are still searching for the core focus of your work, then this is the place you’ll start.

Phase 1: Identifying the Core Focus of Your Work

The goal in this phase is to weave the most important parts of who you are into an idea that reflects all of who you are in your work.

Your clarity is not about choosing one theme over others but by combining your values, style, and passions with your training, skills, and personal experience. The idea that surfaces will be unique to you because your life and professional experience is unique to you.

Reveal the Seeds of Your New Work

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Note: Until you have an idea that has potential you are excited to explore,
there's really no point in proceeding to Phase 2 or Phase 3.

If you aren’t sure, fill out the How Clear Are You? Questionnaire.


If you have an idea that's rich with potential, but it's not yet strong enough to sustain you financially, then you are ready to focus here.

Phase 2: Transform your idea into a Viable Business

The key elements of Phase 2 are associated with a creating a deep nuanced understanding of the concepts, models, and language of your work, your business model, and your offers.

Learn How to Turn Your Idea into a Viable Business

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Note: Until you have a clear, confident, and thorough sense of
your work, your business model, and your offers,
there's really no point in sharing your work with the world.


When you feel confident about your work with clients, your business model, and your offers, then you are ready to embark on Phase 3.

Phase 3: Sharing Your Work with the World

In this phase you concentrate on creating and implementing marketing, sales, and growth strategies out in the world. You are actively marketing and delivering your work on a broad scale.

Note: If you are evolving your new work and you are
still figuring out how to create a viable business,

leaping into a full-on marketing strategy is premature.

How can you market your business If you
aren't clear about the nuances of
your work, your offers, or your pricing?

You Can’t!

Return to Phase 2 to resolve this quandary.

Although my work doesn't extend into Phase 3, I do have colleagues I am delighted to refer you to. Feel free to reach out with a referral request if you need support in this area.

Your First Step

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Evolving your work means that you are moving through a time of unknowns and nuances. It’s hard to know where you are in your journey or where you should focus your attention next.

The key is to Clarify Your Foundation. Discover where you are clear, where you have gaps, and where you are fuzzy. When you have this information and an understanding of the journey to evolve your work, you’ll have a clearer sense of your best next steps.

Your First Step: Clarify Your Foundation