For Coaches, Healers, and other Change Catalyst Entrepreneurs:

Turn Your Detours, Delays, and Dead Ends
into Wisdom for Your Journey

Harvest Your Wisdom to become
a Nimble, Resilient, and resourceful Entrepreneur


Whether you are evolving your work or running your business, your journey is full of unknowns.

There are inherent twists and turns, ups and down as you gain clarity about your vision and bring your work to life. You have multiple decisions to make and numerous nuances to sort out. Worry, fears, and unknowns fill your head much of the time.

I know from personal experience the feelings that come up during the journey.

I understand the fears you wrestle with and the issues you face on a daily basis.

You do your best to persevere, to keep moving forward, to find your way…

And Then...

You hit an unexpected bump (whether internally generated or externally triggered).

  • Perhaps something doesn’t work as you envisioned.

  • Or you can’t reach the degree of clarity you need to take action with confidence.

  • Or you get caught in an eddy of confusion, overwhelm, or frustration, and can’t find a way to move forward.

It's so easy to get knocked off course.

Do you See yourself in any of these scenarios?

You can get derailed by any number of trigger scenarios. It’s easy to feel inundated by a variety of confusing emotions.

  • Something has you confused. You spend more time worrying about whether you’ll ever get beyond your confusion than you do on clarifying why you are confused.

  • You feel overwhelmed. You are so immersed in your overwhelm that you can’t step back to see what’s at the core of it or how to find your path forward. Your sense of overwhelm stops you from taking action.

  • You are deeply entrenched in perfection. You can’t release anything into the world because it’s not perfect yet. Every time you find a mistake, the error reinforces the belief you need to keep working at it. How can you re-frame your experience to move your work forward?

  • You may feel stretched by too many ideas and tasks competing for your attention at one time. How do you make sense of it all? How do you choose what to focus on?

  • You may feel like you are spinning in action without making any progress. You aren’t sure how to sort out where to put your attention so you'll gain some traction.

Before Long you are Lost in
self-Blame and self-Doubt

It’s a common response to blame ourselves when things don't go well.

But this tendency is costly.

It zaps your energy, takes your attention off your project, and erodes your productive time. 

You begin procrastinating.

You feel anxious and nervous.

You question your purpose, your vision, your goals, and your journey.

You worry you'll be in this state of confusion forever.

With all these emotions running through you, it’s hard to feel motivated and energized. When you feel so lost, it’s difficult to make decisions about your new work or figure out where to focus your attention next. After a while, your main concern is that you are falling behind on your plans and goals.

Please know you are not the only one who
gets swamped by this dynamic. 
We all do this.

This tendency is even more common when you are in unknown territory,
which is an inherent part of Evolving Your Work. 

What Happens When You Get Derailed?

Take a moment to consider how this dynamic impacts you, your life, your work, and your journey.

  • How often do you slip into a downward spiral after hitting a bump?

  • How much time do you spend huddled at the low point, questioning your choices or berating yourself?

  • How much energy does it take to gather yourself up and climb out of this emotion-soaked pit to get on with your business?

  • How does this process impact your self-esteem, your productivity, and your belief in your work?

  • What are the short- and long-term ramifications of this dynamic on moving your new work out to the world?

  • How does this cycle impact your ability to generate income?

How Might Your Life, Your Work,
and Your business Be Different If... 

You didn't get derailed so easily?

You didn't have to spend so much time crawling out of self-blame and self-doubt about yourself and your new work?

You could catch yourself before you got derailed by unexpected bumps? 

You could learn to find wisdom in your emotional responses to these potential derailers? 

What if there is wisdom
in your hesitation?

What if your body and intuition
are spot on in their assessment
of your next steps?

What if your confusion,
procrastination, and overwhelm
are your being's way to alert you
to something that's not
quite right with your plan?

What if There’s a Way
to Harvest This Wisdom?

The Keys to Harvesting Your Wisdom

Whenever you sense yourself navigating a bump or hitting a wall, pay attention!

You have a choice.

Take the path that you know from experience will send you into a pit of self-blame and self-doubt.

Or get curious about the wisdom that is showing up in the situation before you, and integrate that new awareness into your path forward.

To navigate these choices without getting derailed, choose to learn several key skills.

  • Learn to spot the moment when you are about to get derailed.

  • Pay attention to the signs, emotions, and scenarios that tend to derail you.

  • Learn to listen to the undercurrent of what is going on for you. Find the deeper truth in your experience.

  • Seek to find the wisdom in your experience.

Consciously making these choices is a practice,
whether you are growing you new business, evolving your work, or building your existing business.

Harvesting Your Wisdom Will Change Your Experience


When you are rooted in your capacity to spot wisdom in your experiences, you will:

  1. Heal old patterns that have sabotaged your progress in the past.

  2. Save the time, energy, and emotions that you’ve previously expended whenever you’ve followed that downward spiral and had to climb back out again and again and again!

  3. Connect with your own nuanced signals and signs to such a degree that you’ll be able to use them to create a deeply intimate relationship with your work.

  4. Awaken new levels of your creativity and learn how to evolve your work organically at every step of your journey.  

  5. Stay on track more of the time. Without these detours, you’ll go deeper in developing your work and make more progress, more quickly.

  6. Build a sense of confidence in yourself, your work, and your offers that won’t erode when you happen to hit a bump along the way.

What If There’s a Way
to Learn Together?

the Harvest Your Wisdom Group

Each week we gather on a private, online platform to explore a specific trigger emotion or scenario
that has the potential to take us off course as we grow our new business, evolve our new work or run our business. 

Each weekday I provide a prompt to guide you in exploring your relationship with each week’s theme:

  1. Monday: Have you experienced this trigger recently? I describe the trigger or scenario so you can see how it shows up in your business.

  2. Tuesday: How has this trigger appeared in your life and work in the past? By exploring your past history of this trigger, you begin to gain insights about how much it has impact you, your self-esteem, your career, and your business.

  3. Wednesday: Where can you find wisdom in the situation? I share a description of how I’ve been able to pivot away from self-blame and self-doubt to find the wisdom in the trigger or scenario. I’ll provide a key question or distinction you can experiment with to pivot your own experience.

  4. Thursday: How will you spot it earlier next time? You revisit your own personal experiences to identify the clues that you are sliding into a potentially derailing situation so that you can catch it earlier next time.

  5. Friday: What have you discovered during the week? This post gives you the opportunity to integrate all you’ve uncovered and discovered during the week.

In Community

Although the questions alone can bring insights, the real magic comes by doing this work in community with other Change Catalysts.

After we each sit with the questions, pondering our personal relationship with the week's theme, we share our thoughts on a private online platform.

  • Writing out our insights helps us claim them, see new connections, and identify nuances we haven’t seen before.

  • Reading others' comments brings us even more insights about ourselves, our patterns, and new solutions.

  • Knowing we are not alone in this journey gives us the strength to dive deeper to find the insights we need to transform ourselves into nimble, resilient, and resourceful entrepreneurs.

Deepening Your Practice


Although answering these five prompts about one trigger or scenario will give you insights, actively engaging in a series of themes on a weekly basis will increase your capacity to notice derailing triggers, discover your personal pivot points, and harvest the wisdom of experience.  

This practice is like meditating or doing yoga. You don’t stop after learning your first technique or pose, you keep deepening your practice over time. It’s in the ongoing practice that you gain the ongoing benefits.

I continue to gain insights as I work with this practice, and I’ve been consciously tracking my triggers to uncover their wisdom for over a year. I continue to discover new patterns, clues, and strategies.

Based on my own experiences, my work with private clients, and members of the Harvest Your Wisdom Group, I’ve identified more than 30 emotions and scenarios that have the potential to derail us. Together we’ll explore these triggers week by week to find the wisdom for ourselves and our businesses.

Join Us to Deepen Your Wisdom

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