Coaches, Healers, and Other Change Catalysts:

Feeling Called to Take
Your Work in a New Direction?

Perhaps you are adding a new program, 
re-configuring your offerings, 
creating a new body of work, 
starting a new venture, or pioneering a new field.

Clarity Changes Everything!

A series of Free Interactive Calls to Unveil
a New Way to Evolve Your Work


  • You currently have the seed of an idea you'd love to nurture

  • You are feeling called to contribute to our times even though you aren't quite sure what that means yet

  • You were forced to step away from your dream in the past, but you still feel it bubbling up within you

  • You hope to bring new work into the world in the future

Join the Clarity Changes Everything Series during July to receive access to all recordings through August. With this information you’ll gain important insights about your best path to evolve your new work.

I’m doing this free Clarity Changes Everything! series and the richness and deeply thought-through principles Carol teaches are like water in a desert. They are both liberating and empowering for spiritual entrepreneurs like us who have struggled in vain to fit in to the cookie-cutter marketing templates we have been taught, that just don’t work for us. Carol explains why they don’t - and what is needed instead.
— Tomar Levine

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Clarity Changes Everything! Series

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About Your Guide: Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

As a coach I’ve spent more than 25 years helping clients navigate significant transitions and gain clarity about the core focus of their work. I’ve also supported entrepreneurs in creating aligned ways to grow and evolve their business.

Personally I’ve embarked on the “Evolve Your New Work” journey at least six times since 1991.

Along the way, I’ve written five published books on career change and transitions, designed several coach training programs, and created an assortment of self-guided online courses and numerous eBooks.

Bringing together my expertise in gaining clarity, navigating transitions, and creating programs, I look forward to supporting you in creating the next iteration of your work.

What’s Included in the
Clarity Changes Everything! Series

Event 1: Finding the Right Path to Clarity Makes All the Difference

In this call we talk about three different paths Change Catalysts take when they are trying to enhance their business. Each path is the right path for a certain group of people. Getting on the right path for YOU will save you time, money, and angst. 

Event 2: How Clear Are You? A virtual retreat

Join me to explore eight deepening questions to help you assess your own clarity. By the end of the retreat you’ll have a much better sense of your current relationship with clarity and how your level of clarity impacts you, your work, and your business. You’ll also discover how your current level of clarity shows you your best next step.

During the first two hours of the retreat we’ll switch between gathering as a group on Zoom (20 minutes) and having personal time to reflect on the questions (40 minutes).  In the final hour we’ll come together to synthesize what you’ve discovered.

Event 3: Don’t Wait For Clarity! Create It!

There are so many misconceptions about clarity, what it is, what it isn’t, and especially how to find clarity. These misunderstandings cause us to become passive participants in our quest for clarity and, ultimately, lengthen our journey. Together we’ll shine some light on these topics so you’ll know the best, proactive ways to create the clarity you are searching for.

This session will be especially helpful for those who are still searching for the core focus of their work.

Event 4: Order Matters! Clarity First!

When you are Evolving Your New Work, one of the biggest sources of confusion is knowing what to work on next.

When you know the arc of the Evolve Your Work journey, you’ll have a much better sense of what’s next! You’ll soon see how important it is to move through your journey in a particular order, always starting with Clarity First!

This session will be especially helpful for those who are trying to figure out how to turn their idea with potential into a thriving business vision with engaging offers.

Event 5: Success Redefined!

When you embark on the “Evolve Your Work” journey, it’s essential to rewrite your definition of success. Discover how your goals, energy, and mindset will change when you switch from “Building Your Business” to “Evolving Your Work.”

What My Clients Are Saying About My Clarity Work

Carol’s brilliant and nuanced distinctions in the realm of “clarity” offer a radical (and radically helpful) reframing for Change Catalysts. Her growing menu of clarity’s distinctions for emerging business and programs has been both eye-opening and deeply supportive.

Walking this path of emergence alongside of Carol, I’ve been blessed with ever-greater clarity, ease, and elegance of flow to move forward with a new body of work, Yin Arising. I continue to learn from her modeling and wisdom. She’s hands-down my clarity-go-to.
— — Bobbye Middendorf, MA Yin Arising Mentor-Catalyst & Inner Wisdom Guide for Evolutionaries & Creators
When I’m spinning, feeling stuck, overwhelmed or confused, talking to Carol helps me come to a place of clarity, with a path for the next steps in moving forward.

She listens skillfully, helps me see new possibilities and powerfully models evolving a new business in an organic way. Her work is powerful medicine that is helping me navigate a big transition.
— Susan Sanford
I really enjoyed the process of working with Carol and appreciated her ability to see behind the issues and draw out what was most important. Clarity of focus is a KEY first step in growing your business so if you are having trouble articulating what you do in a meaningful way that resonates with you, get the help! It’s so worth it. Your growth depends on it!

I am feeling so excited about having clarity so I can now move onto the next phase of development and onto honouring my purpose.
— Andrea Ferguson | LIFE designs | The F.I.T. LIFE Method