Change Catalysts: The Barrage of Change We Face

Ripples of Change Impacting the World

I don't know about you, but...

I can’t turn away from it.

I can’t close my eyes to it.

I can’t dismiss it.

I can’t ignore it.

I can’t take it all in.

I can’t process it all.

What Is IT?

You name it. The barrage of slow moving and abrupt changes, expected and unanticipated, that fly through our lives and the news on a daily basis.

--> Natural Disasters – floods, fires, landslides, volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, sometimes more than one simultaneously

--> Economic Themes – highs and lows, industry obsolescence, shifts in trade arrangements, regional realities

--> Social Dynamics – the unrest and new possibilities associated with various movements alive today: #MeToo, gender equality, racial equality, LGBTQ equality, human rights, civil rights, political and ideological differences

--> Planetary Shifts – from environmental destruction, ice and glaciers melting, and jet stream changes to more esoteric shifts known to those who pay attention to the unseen trends that are unfolding around us

--> Violence – from solo shooters in a classroom or workplace to atrocities playing out on the international stage

--> Changes in Power and Policy playing out in countries around the world

The Impact of These Changes

These changes don’t just impact those directly touched by the initial event. They impact:

+ First responders who arrive on a scene not knowing what they will find

+ Loved ones — friends, family, coworkers — who care deeply for those harmed or uprooted

+ Those who share the same background, values, or work place

+ Those who report on events as they unfold

+ Those who watch the trauma unfold through first person reports, news coverage, online discussions, and in person conversations

+ Onlookers who have experienced a similar trauma or a different one

+ Those experiencing increased uncertainty as a result of what’s happening in their own lives and around them

+ Those who are sensitive empaths, feeling the emotions of those directly impacted by events

What I Feel

Having studied transitions and worked as a transition coach for over 30 years I am tuned into the impact these changes have on all of these individuals.

Given my sensitive, intuitive, and empathic nature, I also feel what those around me are feeling.

At times, it’s completely overwhelming.

At times, I feel completely helpless.

But standing by, watching it all unfold, is no longer a viable option for me.

Perhaps you are traveling a similar path.

What Can I Do?

At my core, I want ALL to flourish – people, beings of the natural world, the planet.

I’m not an activist by nature. I’m more of a communicator, an educator, a guide, and a catalyst.

I can’t begin to think of doing it all myself, nor should I.

But I can contemplate doing my part.

The best way I have to enhance the world around me is to use my knowledge, skills, and experience to support Coaches, Healers, and other Change Catalysts in creating and doing their best, most fulfilling, most meaningful work. As they touch more lives through their work, they'll create a ripple effect of flourishing throughout their communities and beyond.

What's Your Part to Play?

Do you already know?

Or are you still leaning into a new level of your work?

Key Takeaway:

  • It's easy to get swept into the energy and emotions of the waves of change that are washing over us these days. This is especially true for those who are empaths or extra sensitive to what's happening around them.

  • As a Coach, Healer, or Change Catalyst, you may discover your best work is not to be an activist or change maker, but rather to contribute your expertise to helping your clients navigate the changes they face and create the life they want.