Transitions and Change - A Three-Part Podcast Series

Seasons of Change - Part 2 of 3

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Often we resist change, hoping that it will just go away if we ignore it or avoid it. But when we can see that change is a very natural process, then we can move with, rather than against, the changes in our lives to uncover the sources of healing they hold for us.

In this Carol’s Nook Episode, Carol shares her own story of deep transition and how her experiences became the roots of the Seasons of Change, her natural model of transition.  

Nature of Change - Part 1 of 3

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Show Airs at 10 am Pacific Time on 9.4.19

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Our world is asking us to explore change in a deeper way. In this Carol’s Nook Episode, Carol shares her insights about how the nature of change has changed in the last few decades and why that shift invites Change Catalysts to up level their understanding of the changes unfolding around us.

During this episode Carol describes the expanding scope of changes impacting Change Catalysts, our clients and our communities, the increased degree of uncertainty we are all facing, and three specific ways to approach life changes that give us the opportunity to create in a more proactive way.

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How to learn more about our times of change.

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, an award-winning author and Board Certified Coach, has been fascinated by how our culture navigates personal, professional, and large-scale transitions since the start of her career. As a dedicated Change Catalyst herself, Carol’s work has always centered around three themes: helping people gain clarity about the work they are called to do, guiding people through difficult times of transition using her Seasons of Change model, and training other Change Catalysts how to integrate the programs she’s created into their work with clients. She now uses her expertise to help other Change Catalysts flourish personally, professionally, and financially.
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