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Perhaps you are adding a new program, 
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creating a new body of work, 
starting a new venture, or pioneering a new field.

Clarity Changes Everything!

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Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC  I’ve spent more than 25 years helping my clients gain clarity about the core focus of their work and navigate significant transitions. (Evolving your work definitely qualifies!)  I’ve supported entrepreneurs in finding aligned ways to grow and evolve their business.  I have evolved my business at least six times since 1991.  I’ve written and published 5 books, several coach training programs, a few online self-guided courses, and numerous eBooks.   I look forward to supporting you in creating the next iteration of your work.

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

I’ve spent more than 25 years helping my clients gain clarity about the core focus of their work and navigate significant transitions. (Evolving your work definitely qualifies!)

I’ve supported entrepreneurs in finding aligned ways to grow and evolve their business.

I have evolved my business at least six times since 1991.

I’ve written and published 5 books, several coach training programs, a few online self-guided courses, and numerous eBooks.

I look forward to supporting you in creating the next iteration of your work.

For years I struggled to evolve my work.

I invested heavily. I worked hard. I learned a lot.
And after each class, I struggled to implement what I learned. Every. Single. Time.

After completing one class that didn’t work, I’d search for the next, thinking it would help me resolve the gap I thought was keeping me from succeeding.

I couldn’t understand why others were so successful in implementing the strategies that I couldn't make work. Talk about frustrating! I can't tell you how many hours I spent agonizing over this scenario while I was in it. The hours I'll never get back. The detrimental impact this experience had on my self-esteem, and of course, my pocket book. 

Along the way I realized that I was not alone. Other classmates and colleagues were also investing their time, money, and energy in “Build Your Business” support with little to no return on their investment.

A Fresh Perspective

At one point I had the opportunity to step away from my business for a few months. When I returned with a fresh mind and heart, I decided to use my professional expertise to see if I could figure out why my colleagues and I all struggled so much.

Through the lens of my own expertise, helping clients gain clarity about their new work and navigate significant transitions, I had four realizations that allowed me to see my journey in a new way.

As my pain, angst, and frustration dropped away, I could finally see a new path forward! As soon as I switched my focus to align with this new path, I made more progress than I had in years.

Realization #1

We’ve held the belief that
the “build Your Business”
Approach Works for Everyone.
It does Not!

For those who are clear about their existing work and business, the “Build Your Business” courses and programs are valuable resources that bring success.

For those who are not yet clear about their niche, the “Build Your Business” approach derails them. When they are asked to name their niche, they struggle. Without a clear niche, they are unable to implement what they learn.

When the first class doesn’t help, they invest themselves in another class or venture off on their own “Do-It-Yourself” path. As long as they lack clarity about their niche, they will experience the same debilitating results.

Having lived this cycle myself, I know the
pain, anguish, and despair of
wanting to bring your new work into the world
and not being able to make it happen.

It heartbreaking to see wise, intelligent, creative, intuitive Change Catalysts stalled in this endless cycle of investing in themselves with hope and courage only to be disappointed again and again. As time passes they blame themselves for their inability to birth their new work, which eventually undermines their confidence in themselves and the work they do.

Realization #2

Those who Aren’t clear
about their Niche
Aren’t failing or Slacking off.

They are actively Evolving
an emerging body of work.

If you’ve been struggling to make progress on your own, in classes, or in coaching groups, it’s likely you are not yet clear enough about your work to answer questions about your niche.

Here’s a good way to evaluate where you stand.

When you answer questions to describe your niche:

Are you grabbing descriptors and themes out of thin air?
Are you accessing a grounded knowing about your best clients and your work?

If you are unable to define your niche or you are uncomfortable with your current niche, your uneasiness is telling you that you aren’t ready to think about your niche yet. You need to have more clarity about core focus of your work before you’ll be able to determine your marketing niche.

Although you may have felt shame about your lack of clarity in the past, I want you to know that this is a natural phase of the journey to bring new work into the world. In fact, it’s an essential part of the process!

Hold this thought: You will be clear in the future, you just aren’t clear YET!

Without clarity you aren’t ready to “Build Your Business.” Turn your focus toward “Evolving Your Work” first.

Realization #3

“Building Your Business” Is all about taking action…NOW.

“Evolving Your Work” is all about gaining clarity and Confidence First.

If you have taken courses, participated in coaching programs, or been on your own, it’s likely you feel an internal drum beat to act and to act now! The longer you’ve been at this process, the louder the message.

But here’s the thing. Imagine you are driving a car, and you hit a pocket of dense fog…

  • Do you speed up to get through the fog as fast as possible? How does that work for you?

  • Or do you slow down and pay close attention to your surroundings, making moment-to-moment decisions about your next best action, while watching for the fog to lift? What are the benefits of this strategy?

When you are “Evolving Your Work” it’s common to fall into the pattern of action advocated by those “Building Their Business.” Unfortunately, bolting forward into action when you aren’t clear about the work you do is a recipe for disaster.

No matter how much you invest in classes and coaching to get yourself to take action, the results will be dismal until you gain clarity about the core focus of your work.

Before you attempt to share your work broadly, focus first on gaining a deep, grounded sense of clarity about the core of your work, your business model, and your offers.

Without clarity, you can’t take action.

In fact, Clarity must come Before Action!


Finding the Core Focus of Your Work
is just the first step.

The Journey to Evolve Your New Work is
Inherently Laced with Unknowns.

It’s natural to feel confused as you sort out the nuances and options that will define your new work.

Unfortunately there are other forms of confusion that get all tangled up in the process. Understanding the various sources of confusion will help you stay focused and on track with your quest to bring your new work into the world.

  • If you are still searching for the Core Focus of Your New Work, then much of your initial confusion will be all about how to find your idea.

  • If you are confused about what steps to take next, you are lost in the journey itself. If you’ve been following the “Build Your Business” path and discovered it is not working for you, you may not be sure where to turn. You may be spending more than half your time just trying to figure out what to do to make progress. This kind of confusion is very taxing. Knowing the journey — where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are going — brings with it a level of clarity that allows you to focus more of your time creating your new work.

  • If you are confused about how to turn your idea into a viable business, you’ll feel bogged down by the decisions you need to make. If you’ve never taken this journey before or if you haven’t created something of this scope, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Having a guide who has been through the process many times before can help you stay focused on the tasks at hand so you can make progress.

When you are evolving a new work, these three forms of clarity often become a tangled mess inside your head. The more you know about the journey and what it entails, the more likely you are to see where you are clear and where you aren’t. This information helps you sort out your next moves with much more ease.

Creating My New Body of Work

In the last couple of years I've tested, deepened, refined, and strengthened what I know about this “Evolve Your Work” journey.

Using my own methods to organically evolve my new work, I've convened focus groups to talk with colleagues and friends who struggled to bring their new work into form. I’ve worked with clients on a one-on-one basis and offered workshops to share what I’ve learned about the journey, integrating their feedback and insights into my understanding.

Combining my clarity coaching expertise, my transition support experience, and my personal history of transforming my ideas into viable businesses, has given me a unique way to help Change Catalysts:

  • Gain clarity about the core focus of their new work

  • Transform their idea with potential into a viable business vision with engaging offerings

  • Deepen their confidence in themselves and their new work

You have not heard of the “Evolve Your Work” journey and philosophy in the courses you’ve taken thus far.

No one else is talking about it. It’s not on anyone’s radar.

And yet, it is the path you need to take to bring your new work into the world.

Join me for an informative, inspiring 60-minute Zoom call
to Learn More about this new Path.

Finding the Right Path to Clarity Makes All the Difference! 

Monday, July 1, 2019

11:00 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern
1 Hour Session
Session Will Be Recorded


In this Zoom Call I'll share more about the "aha moment" that changed the trajectory of my work and my business. Finally I had hope again!

  • Learn why “Build Your Business” courses and coaching programs only produce the promised outcomes for some entrepreneurs, and not others. I assure you that you are not at fault here!

  • Find out why the intuitive, "Do-It-Yourself" approach has its own costly challenges. 

  • Discover a new path that supports and guides you as you "Evolve Your New Work." 

  • Uncover the one question you need to ask yourself to determine which path is right for you.

Seeing the truth of your journey thus far will help you rewrite the stories you are telling yourself about how you’ve gotten to this point and give you a sense of how to proceed from here. As you see your path forward you too will reconnect with your own sense of hope.

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What’s Coming Next in the
Clarity Changes Everything! Series

How Clear Are You? A virtual retreat

Monday, July 8: Midday Retreat from 10 am - 1 pm Pacific | 1 pm - 4 pm Eastern
Or Tuesday, July 9: Evening Retreat from 3 pm - 6 pm | 6 pm - 9 pm

Join me for one of the virtual retreats listed above to explore several deepening questions to help you assess your own clarity. By the end of the retreat you’ll have a much better sense of your current relationship with clarity and your next steps.

During the first two hours of the retreat we’ll switch between gathering as a group on Zoom (20 minutes) and having personal time to reflect on the questions (40 minutes).  In the final hour we’ll come together to synthesize what you’ve discovered.

Thursday, July 11: Don’t Wait For Clarity! Create It!

There are so many misconceptions about clarity, what it is, what it isn’t, and especially how to find clarity. Let’s shine some light on this topic so you know the best ways to find the clarity you are searching for.

Everyone will benefit from this Zoom Call, especially those who are still searching for the core focus of their work.

Tuesday, July 16: Order Matters! Clarity First

One of the biggest sources of confusion is knowing what to work on next. When you know the arc of the journey you’ll have a much better sense of what’s next! You’ll soon see how important it is to move through your journey in a particular order, always starting with Clarity First!

Everyone will benefit from this Zoom Call, especially those who are trying to figure out the best way to turn their idea with potential into a thriving business vision with engaging offers.

Thursday, July 25: Success Redefined!

When you embark on the “Evolve Your Work” journey, it’s essential to rewrite your definition of success. Discover how your goals, energy, and mindset will change when you switch from “Building Your Business” to “Evolving Your Work.”

Everyone will benefit from this Zoom Call.

What My Clients Are Saying About My Clarity Work

Carol’s brilliant and nuanced distinctions in the realm of “clarity” offer a radical (and radically helpful) reframing for Change Catalysts. Her growing menu of clarity’s distinctions for emerging business and programs has been both eye-opening and deeply supportive.

Walking this path of emergence alongside of Carol, I’ve been blessed with ever-greater clarity, ease, and elegance of flow to move forward with a new body of work, Yin Arising. I continue to learn from her modeling and wisdom. She’s hands-down my clarity-go-to.
— — Bobbye Middendorf, MA Yin Arising Mentor-Catalyst & Inner Wisdom Guide for Evolutionaries & Creators
When I’m spinning, feeling stuck, overwhelmed or confused, talking to Carol helps me come to a place of clarity, with a path for the next steps in moving forward.

She listens skillfully, helps me see new possibilities and powerfully models evolving a new business in an organic way. Her work is powerful medicine that is helping me navigate a big transition.
— Susan Sanford
I really enjoyed the process of working with Carol and appreciated her ability to see behind the issues and draw out what was most important. Clarity of focus is a KEY first step in growing your business so if you are having trouble articulating what you do in a meaningful way that resonates with you, get the help! It’s so worth it. Your growth depends on it!

I am feeling so excited about having clarity so I can now move onto the next phase of development and onto honouring my purpose.
— Andrea Ferguson | LIFE designs | The F.I.T. LIFE Method