For Coaches, Healers, and Other Change Catalysts
Leaning into new, Emerging work by…

  • Adding a new program

  • Re-configuring your offerings

  • Bringing a new iteration of your work forward

  • Starting a new venture

  • Pioneering a new field


While evolving your new work, you'll find yourself navigating more nuances, decisions, and choices than you are accustomed to. This time of increased unknowns is inevitably full of situations that can delay or derail you.

You may be:

Wrestling with naming and defining the core focus of your work.

Wondering what to do next to make the most progress.

Trying to figure out how to integrate a new service with your existing offerings.

Needing to make a choice between this option and that option.

Losing faith in yourself and your work because you aren't moving forward.

If you are:

feeling stuck...

spinning in circles...

feeling confused and overwhelmed...

sitting on the fence, unable to make a decision...

Don't Wait for Clarity, Create It!

Start by Clarifying Your Foundation:

A One Session Boost to
Get You Moving Again

Together we can discover how to open up your path forward.

In our hour-long session we'll explore ten facets of clarity to assess the state of your foundation. When we know where you feel clear, where you have gaps, and where you have soft spots, we’ll be able to drill down to the core of your confusion.

Whether you are confused about your topic, unclear about the process you need to take, or out of sync with your creativity, we’ll figure out where you are on your journey and which next steps will be most productive for you to address.

What You’ll Discover

During our session together, I’ll guide you through a series of questions to help you discern where you stand with your emerging work right now. Your answers will help you discover:

Evolve Your New Work Map

Evolve Your New Work Map

  • What elements of your vision are solid? You know these aspects of your business reflect your truth without a shadow of doubt.

  • What’s feeling too fuzzy, vague, soft, or shaky? You hesitate or question your status in this area.

  • What’s non-existent? You realize that there’s a definite gap in this part of your vision.

  • Where you are confident about your vision.

  • Where you feel shaky about your work.

  • Where you have gaps in your business vision and foundation.

The Benefits of Clarifying Your Foundation

stepping stones through lake.jpg

When you understand the current status of your work and your business, you will:

  • Gain new insights about why you’ve struggled or hesitated to move your emerging work forward.

  • Identify where you need to focus your time and attention to fill in gaps in the foundations of your work and business.

  • Know the steps you need to take to create the strong, viable foundation for a flourishing business.

  • Pinpoint the best ways to use your time, money, and energy to make progress with your new work and your business.

  • Gain the clarity, confidence, and commitment to envision your path forward with your business.

Taking the time to
understand precisely where
you are with your new work
is a must if you
hope to flourish
as you bring your new work
into the world.

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 What My Clients Are Saying…

“Carol’s system for guiding you to clarity is simply brilliant. She deconstructs aspects of your vision in a way that helps you see how the different layers lead one into another. She highlights what is clear and spots what is fuzzy, what is missing and what is dominating.

You end up seeing how the whole can flow, how to find the next steps, how to build from a place of clear authenticity and solid authority.

I am gobsmack-thrilled at what a single session has yielded. Her yin and yang marriage of insights and intuition, together with that uncanny layered approach, was like a journey of discovery into past and future, ending in a grounded self. I am excited and looking forward to evolving a more soul-centered business.

Thank you Carol for this new clarity, my heart thanks you, my business thanks you, my life thanks you.

— Lauren Delp
“Carol has a finely-honed ability to take her clients on deep yet productive dives into more clarity.

The clarity questions she asked during our session allowed me to verbalize both new insights about how much more clear I’d become from earlier conversations, but also to articulate certain points where I was “stuck” or didn’t feel like I was 100% clear.

One of the greatest gifts of this session was that, in the container that Carol and I co-created and held, I was able to speak in terms of percent of clarity that I now felt about what had been long-troublesome issues. Most importantly, I could do it matter-of-factly and without feeling the guilt and shame that previously had been wrapped up with those issues and my lack of clarity around them. This session with the clarity questions offered me a big-picture perspective and showed me specific places to put my focused energies for shifting and up-leveling to achieve the next level of clarity.

The questions, together with Carol’s insightful commentary, elicited a way for me to recognize and speak about things that I had long experienced as complex, tangly, and rambling. Finally I could articulate them unapologetically with a new level of streamlined simplicity and clarity.

Carol’s brilliant and nuanced distinctions in the realm of “clarity” offer a radical (and radically helpful) reframing for Change Catalysts. Her growing menu of clarity’s distinctions for emerging business and programs has been both eye-opening and deeply supportive.

Walking this path of emergence alongside of Carol, I’ve been blessed with ever-greater clarity, ease, and elegance of flow to move forward with a new body of work, Yin Arising. I continue to learn from her modeling and wisdom. She’s hands-down my clarity-go-to.
— Bobbye Middendorf, MA Yin Arising Mentor-Catalyst & Inner Wisdom Guide for Evolutionaries & Creators

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