Deep Nature Insights

In addition to this site, Flourish as a Change Catalyst, Deep Nature Insights offers resources, training, and retreats on the following sites:

Helping Change Catalysts Gain Clarity about the Core Focus of Their Work

This work is ideal if you:

  • Are still searching for the core focus of your new work
  • Have some ideas, but nothing is coming together
  • Have an idea with potential, but you aren't sure how to transform it into a viable business with compelling services
  • Want to add a new service or dimension to your work

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Providing Change Catalysts with Transition
and Purpose

This training is ideal if you:

  • Are looking for gentle and effective ways to support your clients during times of transition
  • Work with clients who are seeking clarity about their purpose, whether personally or professionally
  • Want to add some effective tools and resources to your work

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Guiding Change Catalysts to
Find Wholeness
During Times of

Retreats are ideal if you:

  • Are craving some retreat time to rest, think, write, plan, and develop
  • Want to understand yourself with Enneagram and self-discovery
  • Are navigating a time of deep transition and want support in seeing your situation from a new point of view


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